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Woke this lovely Monday morning to a text from my first born from 1:30am:

"I went downstairs and there's a bat. I couldn't get it out. I left attack/defense items outside your room for when you're awake. Good luck"

Outside my bedroom door he left me two towels, a broom, and a broken down cardboard box. Not entirely sure what the box is for, as towels and a broom are our typical defense approach. Perhaps he thought I would appreciate a shield to use to make sure I made it downstairs to the kitchen for my coffee, which is much needed before I can face such a task as 4am bat removal? I took his offerings and am currently locked in the kitchen with my delightful cup of caffeine and weapons of war while I contemplate my battle approach.
Of note, we live in a 150yr old Gothic Victorian historical home and have had our share of bat breaches, but it's been a long time and my skills are rusty. I'd feel much better with some back up, but such is single mom life when both boys are sleeping. I shall persevere. And no, I won't kill the thing, much as my instincts may be. He'll be stunned and scooped and set to the freedom of the great outdoors, where he belongs.
Happy fucking Monday.

Amzungu 8 Aug 24

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Wow! A worthy champions quest assigned to you by the Prince!! Good luck mighty amazon warriorπŸ™‚


your post made me think of this. thank you. good luck.


How far away do you need to release a bat so it can't find it's way back?

It sounds like the house might have lots of entry points. Are you able to find and patch it so it doesn't just come back in?

Haha, I've no idea, but I've been in this house for over 20 years and have sealed plenty of entry points over that time frame. Though, yes, with a house this old, it's an ongoing battle. It's been years since we've had a bat breach, so I'm back at the search and discover phase!

@Amzungu, years? There was a bat flying between the dining room and the living room in February. 😁

@Mindfulness I guess Feb feels like years ago? I don't remember that, but admittedly, I've blocked a lot of this year from my memory. 😬

@Amzungu, fair enough.


I wish you well with your endeavor, but would it have made any difference if it was any other morning?

Thank you, and, no it would have not made any literal difference, but I feel no shame lamenting the end of a work free weekend and the beginning of a long work week ahead. Monday always has a bit more bite than the rest for that reason.

@Amzungu granted and agree 😁 and hope it works out, we had a screech owl above our porch ceiling. πŸ˜‰

@oldFloyd We have lots of owls in our area, but thankfully I've never had to deal with an owl breach! That would definitely challenge my battle skills!


They would make good pets, if only they could be house-trained.


I don’t know where you are but in America they’re protected. It won’t hurt you. I agree with the blanket thing.

I'm aware of their protected status, though I'd refrain from killing it regardless. My boys and I all live by the 'do no harm' philosophy as much as humanly possible. If you read my entire post, I noted as much. He'll be freed, alive and well, if I could just find the damn thing. πŸ™‚


At least he left you a note and tools!

Yes, and I love him for that! He's a good son.


With wild animals I’ve always been taught to put a towel, or blanket, over them in the first instance; it tends to stun them and protect you from claws and teeth.
Then transfer to a box so you’re not at risk longer than necessary and transport if wounded/ need releasing away from the home, or just free if that’s the aim. With young; mother may be waiting nearby, or they may become a snack, so monitor if you like.
Never dealt with bats though!

I can say, from experience, that approach works with bats, too. πŸ™‚


πŸ˜‚...bat patrol at 0400?!

Right? My life...


I would have thought the cardboard box was there to help you slide down the stairs quickly so you could get your coffee and then form your battle plan.

I wish I'd have thought of that!


"Spartan, return with your shield, or on it!"


I'm glad I'm not surrounded by the cornfields. I live in an urban jungle. We only have giant rats.

I am now appreciating the fact that I am only dealing with a bat. Thank you for the perspective.

@Amzungu They have rats in the cornfields too. I hope you are able to get rid of that bat.

@barjoe Yes, but they tend to refrain from invading MY space. They are content to remain children of the corn. πŸ˜€


I've experienced that only once in my life. Bats look menacing up close and personal. The experience lead me to read up on it. Enjoy your coffee. The bat is lucky that you'll handle it with compassion.

Unity Level 7 Aug 24, 2020

It's their stealth that gets to me. You can't hear them, can barely see them, and it always feels like they are flying right at you when in a closed space. I am definitely enjoying my coffee.

I had a bat in my former condo. I can only walk with a cane or walker so my mobility is limited. Thank goodness it flew into the sink and was in the drain, I dealt with it less than compassionately as people visiting had complaints about it.

Menacing, indeed ... once I was driving at nite and a bat flew into my windshield. It got stuck on the wiper blade, pinned .... staring directly at me... yikes! Scary little creatures.

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