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We need, as basic philosophies, rationalist, democratic Pantheisms (all Cosmians, all evolving gods), not discriminatory, toxic monotheisms. Be(lieve) in the verified good (and the verified better, meliorism, with George Eliot) in the world. Finite Terrian Paradise needs systemic, prepared protectivity. Let us stop global toxigangsterisms, official and paraofficial, with peace and justice. They are still in power, but not completely, nor infinitely. One mirable Terra-Family-Ship, one finite Time, one ecosociable Peace. [] "My third criticism is that Pinker doesn't know where this all leads. Apparently, he isn't familiar with the phrase "Past performance is no guarantee of future results," which applies not only to investments but to almost everything other than laws of nature. Even with many signs pointing in a positive direction for mankind, there are multiple events that could change the apparent trajectory, and although Pinker may address some of them in his book, the fact is that no one, including Pinker, is sufficiently omniscient to avert all possible future disasters. I find him ignorant and arrogant in his assertion that existential risk is a "useless category," and there are certainly many academics who would agree with me."

tipi 7 Aug 25

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Though I have many of Pinker's books I have not had time to digest them. I have heard many of these comments in other places. I enjoy your comments, please keep up the good work.


Could tell with just a glance that this was going to take more study than I am willing to invest. I do appreciate the heads-up. Good luck with what ever it is you're saying.


We really need a good 25 cent cigar again. Not gonna happen.


More word salad. Humanity doesn't need gods or religion.

If we read terrian human history, gods are not only metaphors (for conscience, superiority, goodness), but also myths (about real kings, wise, natural forces et al.), falsifications etc. So i think that including gods in human culture, with Spinoza and others, is more ideorealistic and generous than excluding them completely. We are also gods.


Whenever I read something that begins "We need," my hackles go up. Just sayin'.

We need to nationalize all hospitals eliminating profiteering insurance scams saving taxpayers 60% of all healthcare is a human right under ethical standards of care .... a starving orphan deserves our help just as a sick or injured person on our polluted war ravaged planet


Well there go ten minutes I'll never get back


We don't need any theism, there is no need to deify anything, total pablum.

You are forgetting the Venkman corollary: when someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"! I would argue that this points to deification of personage when necessary.

@PadraicM I love Bill Murray, but your pov is, no offense, just stupid.


Time for the video, again.

@PadraicM That's just to blow smoke up people's ass.

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