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I guess i have to now joinEVERY SINGLE GROUP on here so i can see posts? It is getting about 50-50 , in terms of "post not available", even from people i follow . When i joined groups was totally optional, not a must-do.

AnneWimsey 9 Sep 14

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Know how you feel. There is one person I can't read their profile.


That's related to posts being made by people you blocked or who blocked you... If you follow someone, you still can't see the post whether you're in the group or not...

I removed all blocks, then just recently put in 2 on "new members" with 0 posts who were "chatting me up", i.e. scammers. How can i find out who has blocked me, or is that not possible?

@AnneWimsey look for post in which two people are having a conversation and you only see half of that conversation..
Also, if you make first comment and don't get double points, check the recent visitors list and click each name atta time.. If profile not available, that person blocked you.. You may also be banned from some groups.. You can't do anything about that...


I didn’t join this site to be in groups. I want to be part of “the Big Group” and see most/all posts. 😒


I have the same problem, but to a lesser degree. About 1 in 20 posts are "not available". The error message doesn't give a reason, or even name the group. However, if I explore the link, I can discover the group. None of that helps me see the post, though.

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