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A nice feature to add into alerts would be delete all or the ability to only get a limited number of posts per person.

Honorabledougn 6 Sep 17

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You can turn off notifications for those you follow or greatly adjust what notifications you get from them in the settings tab for alerts you want to receive. I only get new post alerts rather than comments, etc from those I follow and it cut the numbers down significantly. There is also a "delete all except the last week" option under the active notifications tab. I know it's not a delete all option but wanted to make sure you knew it was there.

@MissKathleen I am more interested in the original posts they make, and following comments creates a bigger pool of notifications than I want to wade through. It's a mere energy expenditure/ productivity equation for me. I don't feel the need to read their every word here, and following posts only gives me the balance I enjoy.


I agree with delete all notifications...

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