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While reading the October Scientific American that endorsed Biden(first time ever endorsement. Yes. Some of us crazy athiests actually read. You know. Left to right. Top to bottom. And we actually read the Scientific American magazine. What a concept?

On page 31, there is the article on DEADLY AIR. contending that Air pollution kills. What a revelation. Told about the small particles, known as PM2.5, that spew from car tail pipes and cold fired power plants. Thought of this later as I walked down a busy street with cars passing by and smelled the tell tale aroma of car exhaust. The small size of these particles travel deep into the lungs causing short term breathing problems, exacerbate asthma and contribute to cardiovascular concerns and decrease immune response to Covid 19 leading to more death. All this as Trump has been rolling back air-pollution regulations. He should be made to sit in a garage behind a car with the motor running.
Apparently, if regulations were to lower particle size from 12 to 10, 143,000 lives would be saved over 10 years. We couldn't have that. Might vote the wrong way.

Also a great article on fetal stress and consequences for them as adults reaching for generations. Page 50.

Healthydoc70 7 Sep 23

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In trump’s sriviled mind, air pollution only kills Democrats … so that’s OK. His fanatics live in rural compounds, where the air’s still relatively fresh, like mine ~

Varn Level 8 Sep 24, 2020
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