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Am I the only one who senses that the amazing, incredible story of Hunter Biden's emails turning up on a damaged laptop that just happened to be dropped off (with no invoice, no name, no phone number, apparently, the owner just believes it was Hunter Biden who dropped it off) at a repair shop last year, and just happened to find their way into Rudy Giuiliani's hands 3 weeks before the election, is a last desperate gasp for the Trump campaign? [] One last attempt to deflect attention from their candidate's utter lack of competence, compassion, honesty, and even humanity? Is it just me who finds the story of the FBI needing the owner of this local repair shop to help them get access to a laptop implausible to say the least (and complete, unvarnished bullshit, to say the most)? [] The very FBI who was able to follow the tracks of Russia's top cyber warfare unit, but they can't get the right plug for a laptop??

Even the main story on the Fox News website is relatively sedate, and the replies show signs of skepticism; which is rather amazing for Fox fans. []

It really truly looks like the Trump campaign has tried to throw a Hail Mary, and watched the ball sail into the stands.

And here's the Post's fact check on the item as it stands: []

Paul4747 8 Oct 15

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