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I am using app on my phone. When ever some looks at my profile, i get the link message that indicates someone or a few have recently looked at my profile.

I cannot find any other way to view those unless I click that link after someone views me.

I think I found a place that I might should be able to view but something seems to block the list unless I use the link after someone views me.

Word 8 Oct 23

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Go to your profile.. Upper left corner..

Yes, I click on square box with "profile". It goes to profile page. If some has viewed me I can click the link. If someone has not viewed me, there is no link. How can I view even if no one has viewed me?

@Word click on fans. In your profile...

@Cutiebeauty that doesnt show people that has recently viewed me

@Word oh yes, you're right... My bad.... Ummm... If no one has viewed your profile recently, then I guess there's nothing to view... I'll view your profile now so you look. Admin changed this option recently.... 😌

@Cutiebeauty you must have secret profile option that does not allow me to know you viewed my profile

@Word try it now...

@Cutiebeauty nope, nothing

@Word OK, I found the secret option... 😂

@Cutiebeauty yep, that worked for the one time

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