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So Donald Trump is not conceding and will pursue recounts, litigation maybe even attempts to change the electors. I don't think SCOTUS will overturn the election and I think this will stand. Will Trump participate in a peaceful transition eventually?

Do You Think Donald Trump Will Attend Joe Biden Inauguration?

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barjoe 8 Nov 7

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I think there are different magnitudes of peaceful. I believe his government colleagues have been distancing themselves with some notable exceptions and he will get little to no help. I'm more concerned about his cult. If he incites them I do believe he should be charged with treason. Most likely it will be whining and crying from here on out.


Pence, the diplomatic one, will be there for the transition. By then , trump will have moved to a country without an extradition treaty 😉

BTHT Level 6 Nov 7, 2020

We might even end up with a weird parallel government situation, especially if the GOP still controls the Senate and can cripple Biden from the get go.

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