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65 Pounds of Plastic Trash Tore This Whale Apart from the Inside...

By phxbillcee9
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If there’s anything that’s going to get me to work for the greater good and not my hatred and disdain, it is in this area. I was headed that way once upon a time.


I see a lot of online stores still use styrofoam shipping peanuts which to me is disgusting. Then there's bubble wrap, some use pillow plastic packing, but no matter if biodegradable or not it still needs to be collected and disposed of. A while back there was an attempt to use popcorn for packing material, it failed for some reason. Just a rant, I don't believe other animals should suffer because of human's lack of empathy.


This is so profoundly sad.

& it is happening on a huge scale to all marine life!

@phxbillcee I'm aware.

@Blindbird You're woke, girlfriend!

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