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I see our conservative snowflakes are busy posting again. Except, they are too cowardly to post in general forum. They hide in their conservative echo chamber and block any rational, factual, and reasonable response. I guess it furthers my previous post about "When did Republicans become such Scum bags"?

t1nick 8 Nov 11

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Their cowards and frauds. Hypocrisy is the coin of their realm. They can't win by the power of their ideas. They can only cheat and lie, hoping their lies are believed.


Oh, what are they saying? I thought they had hunkered off years ago into their alternative reality group to talk about loving Trump, how much they hate lefties, taxes (unless paid by the poor) socialism hatred (unless they get a hand out 'theyselves' ) their 'libertarian' ideals, and hating lefties once more.

What have the terrible lefties done now, according to them? Do tell.

These folks are fine, you know. They just need a brain scan, 'tis all.


I wouldn't know. I blocked then all.

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