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"Several parents recently pleaded with a Quebec Superior Court judge to uphold the province's religious symbols ban to shield their children from exposure to the hijab, which they believe conveys a "pernicious" sexist message. The witnesses testifying in support of the law, known as Bill 21, said they believed the hijab always represents sexist values, regardless of why someone decides to wear it. The parents, all immigrants from Muslim-majority countries, are the first witnesses to be called by defenders of the Laicity Act in a court case brought by opponents of the law who say it is unconstitutional. Among the most controversial provisions in Bill 21 is a prohibition on public teachers from wearing religious symbols at work."

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I see no reason why a School or any other work place should not have a uniform code that includes religious or cultural symbolism in the work place being disallowed.
When I was Christian I was subject to this type of rule sometimes even down to not wearing wedding rings where they might constitute a danger. I certainly understood when asked not to wear a cross around my neck or in my ear.

It is also illogical to object to not wearing an hijab on religious grounds when it is not religious, but cultural and was originally like the turban in he east and plaiting hair in the west to prevent the spread of head lice.

What are your thoughts?

LenHazell53 9 Nov 18

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I'd agree with Bill 21. The hijab is no longer needed to prevent head lice (washing the hair will usually suffice) so that's now BS. It's a religious symbol unless other cultures start wearing one so shouldn't be allowed in govt buildings. I supported the Muslim ban on grounds that u$A should exclude religious people from coming into cunt-ry but allow non-religious folks from any nation.

I think we should ban bigots of the white culture from entering the country..

@Charlene Ah, the assumptions Democrats make. I'm a Democrat and find it amusing until we damn near lose an election to Mad King Donny. Then I think we should examine ourselves. Religion is an evil and u$A doesn't need more evil.

@rainmanjr we also don't need more mindless bigotry..

@Charlene Being against importation of an evil isn't bigotry. It's protection. Don't use that shaming crap on me.

@rainmanjr we don't need to import any evils..we've done just fine in raising our own, you know, WHITE Kkkristan Evangelicals. Those WHITE p.o.s need to be deported back to their countries of orgin..don't you think?..

@Charlene I'd leave the whites to the justice of black outrage. I believe it's coming and sooner than whites fear. No minority is going to put up with our shit any longer. YOU think religion should be imported and encouraged? Then you can also get out, in my opinion. Just another worthless white cultists to me.

@rainmanjr bwaaaaaa..

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