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Can you explicitly describe the god you don't believe in?
There are so many definitions and ideas regarding what a god is or isn't -- ranging from mythological deities throwing lighting bolts to new age "we are all one vibrating on a universal consciousness" hippy-dippy type of god. Some embrace a personal god where they receive warm fuzzies while others like a god that flipped the existence switch and walked away. Some look to find god while others realize they themselves are probably god because it's mighty tough to argue against solipsism.

So when you say you have no belief in god, which god is it in which you have no belief? Would you accept a more liberal view of god often using a different name (i.e., universal consciousness)?

What do you specifically mean by god when you declare your atheism?

Scoobs 6 Apr 11

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I cannot be bothered trying to create a description of a mythical object. This question seems to me very trollish...after all, to describe something you have to at least imagine it.....

I think some people have too much time on their hands......


I do not believe in any of them.


This guy.


Name a god and I will not believe in its existence without evidence.

I am with you.

@Scoobs There can be no evidence. Once there is, the thing can not be classified as supernatural. Without evidence, I can not believe. With evidence, it is of the natural world, therefore not a deity.

@NothinnXpreVails A god having to be “supernatural” contradicts most gods we have believed in. We’ve believed in gods that lived on mountains or wandered the forest or were the ruling family. Sooo yeah

@Coalperson idk who this we is, but any god living in the mountains surely had some kind of magical powers, hence, supernatural.

@NothinnXpreVails We is obviously the human race... And I was disputing, “With evidence, it is of the natural world, therefore not a deity.” I admit that I didn’t do a great job.

But according to your reasoning, if we HAD found Zeus and them up Mount Olympus, you wouldn’t consider them deities because they are natural like us. I think that’s silly...

@Coalperson but Zeus wasn’t like us other than having physical form, supposedly.


"God often acts exactly as the person who created them"
I don't know who to give credit to for this quote but I have never forgotten it.
I was raised Mormon and can remember when I was around 8 yrs.old, I had a enameled plate that had the children's prayer on it, the "now I lay me down, to sleep, I pray the..." hopefully it's familiar enough for you to know what I am talking bout...but it was a gift from my grandma when I was 5. She painted the words, enameled the thing...I would look at it Everytime I said my prayers.
One day my mother walks in, grabs the plate off of my wall and says your going to start saying grown up prayers.....and she turns and walks out. I never saw that plate again. So I started copying whatever adult who was praying out loud was saying smart enough to have my own input to keep it as short as possible. The entire time thinking .".....this is complete bu$%#!! It was the seed which got planted into my brain and slowly grew into this beautiful skeptic of a blossom.of course, I had to keep this under wraps, a secret that only I knew. Boy, if mom finds out, that's it! Excommunicated from church, an embarrassment to my family. Besides....I was young....what could I do, run away? Well, at 16, that's what I did! Packed up and moved out. I had started doing mobile disc jockey work for the two high schools, three jr. Highs and a number of churches with youth groups all within my little country community near Mt. St. Helens, Wa.
Mom's had woken me up ...early! As Nd told me to get up and get ready for church. I stood up to her (finally!) I w as s terrified of my mother. Very strict. And there was no "wait for your father to get home,!" To get punished, no... she would dole it out, right there . Often with a close by, convenient kitchen utensil. So I said CX I am not going to Church today! "If your going to live under my roof, you will attend church with the rest of the family!"
"OK" ...and left home
jr year in high school, I have a studio apt across the street from my high school. I had every stoner, Every cute girl I could get my hands on, everyone from my high school was stopping by.pot parties, underwear only parties, you name it if the Mormon Church preached it, I was doing just the did not take long. Especially after early morning knocks at my door when brother and sister Smith, or Jones or whatever came looking for their son or daughter before mother heard and the bishop would stop by to check on my welfare (yeah, right!) Suddenly, I am put on church "probation" whatever that means! So my apostisi (sp?) Breaking away from The Mormon faith was final! My poor mother didn't show her face for months from embarrassment. I could have done it differently sure, but I was being vindictive. I got to be the bad boy and my family had to deal with the effects of it. I grew up in a small town, everybody, knew everyone. This was gossip. I didn't care, although, I was a long way off from atheistic manifestation . That came about not long after.


All gods.
All invisible or visible "deities" or false "idols" who require or don't require worship.

I believe in me.
I believe in you.
I believe in mature and quantum physics.

What she said above summed it up nicely.


I think God is strictly spiritual existing only in people's minds. Perhaps the concept is OK, but he/she/it won't be there to admonish or reward. I pondered this for a long time befote realizing there is nothing out there and when I die I will simply rot.

Why do you see yourself as just a physical body?



I find it difficult to describe nothing apart from it being an absense of something.

Probably the easiest way to explain is to say "I have listened to the claims of theists and examined their claims. I have seen no evidence that has been presented by theists that is sufficient to validate their claims that some sort of god exists"

Alternately I could make the analogy that they tell me that their god is invisible and kept in a locked box in their basement and, that if I really believed in my heart that this was true, that I would be able to see it from my bedroom every Sunday. And somehow, it's my fault that I don't believe their description of what's in the box.


Can anyone explicitly describe the God they DO believe in? They can only describe what they think he/she/it is if it existed.


I don't believe things without good reason or good evidence. None of these deities have managed to pass this test. All there is anecdotes, feelings, and emotions. Oh and faith. All religions can assert that their god(s) are real on faith, also not reliable. The most unreliable things ever. I give more credence to an as of yet undefined one but still don't believe in it. It just seems more probable. I see no good reason to believe in any of the deities thought up by humankind though especially the ones of organized religions.


Belief in a god is a character weakness. Not my problem.

@Scoobs - Sorry I'm trying to understand your reply - can you give me some examples of "using blind faith countless times" during a day?

@Scoobs - This is just another example of wasting time on thinking about things that serve no purpose. I'm glad you have the time & obsessive personality to do so, if it makes you happy.. Me, I'm going to finish painting my daughter's kitchen wall.


Uh a divine creator being who is concerned with whether or not I masturbate, drink or wear clothing of mixed fibers comes to mind. That's just silly.

@Scoobs okey dokey then. Buh bye


It's not possible for me to describe that which does not exist.

@Scoobs Okay, allow me to rephrase. I have no inclination to try and describe that which does not exist. Better?


Any god. All gods. Imaginary friends. Sky daddys and ground trolls.

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