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When will we see research and news stories which provide credible estimates of
a) the number of votes that were suppressed by the mail system slowdown
b) the number of extra virus cases attributable to some voters having decided they had to go to the polls on election day to make sure their votes counted (to avoid the possibility that their votes would arrive late through the mail).
c) the number of extra deaths
d) the extra confusion in the voting system from people having to go to the polls in addition to having requested mail-in ballots.
e) an estimate of how a vote count would look if all voters had been allowed to cast their votes. In particular, would Biden have won the electoral college in more of a landslide than we have seen?

Background on poll: I've heard some very good professional news coverage and research rebutting the nonsense that widespread "Voter Fraud" helped the Democrats "steal" the election, but I have heard nothing from any news teams or ivory tower researchers or others as to attempting to assess how many votes were successfully suppressed and what sort of damage this did to the fairness of the election. I have run into a couple of anecdotal accounts of voters not receiving their ballot in time to vote.

When will we see cogent research and news covering the voter suppression effort of 2020?

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kmaz 7 Nov 21

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So: we know the rotten Republican Voter Suppression efforts were there (see this good article from election day), but we don't know any numbers, as to how effective they were. It would be good to see some numbers. My guess is that although the disgusting mail system slow-down ordered by Trump resulted in some successful voter suppression (I have heard anecdotally for example of college students who never received their absentee ballots in time), perhaps this was countered by pandemic voting by mail, and researching the matter early, having some impact of overcoming scurrilous de-registration efforts.

This Republican lawyer just totally exposed the Trump campaign's voter suppression efforts
Chris Cillizza
Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large
Updated 1:39 PM ET, Mon November 2, 2020

kmaz Level 7 Dec 2, 2020

Uuuummmm, if there were any in any significant #'s, you would have heard by now. A tiny # of Individual cases do not an overturn make!

Hi -

Again, as with the other thread, you are (badly) misunderstanding the issue here and in effect labeling me incorrectly as somehow concerned with the sort of "Vote Fraud" that Mr. Trump is trying to claim exists. Please stop doing that. Here is an article which discusses Voter Suppression:

US Elections 2020
In the US, voter suppression will remain the norm
Do not let the early voting numbers and Biden’s win fool you.
Donald Earl Collins
Lecturer of History at American University in Washington, DC.
8 Nov 2020


Might get some answers from actions like this:

1of5 Level 8 Nov 21, 2020

Here is a news story which starts to get at the voter suppression issue. Unfortunately it is isolated to anecdotes within one state, and is not able in the end to provide the numbers we need in order to discuss things more clearly.

Texas 2020 Elections
Despite record turnout, some Texas voters were still shut out
by Karen Brooks Harper Nov. 6, 20204 PM

"...But it’s also clear from calls to election hotlines, social media traffic and interviews with voters that a number of Texans, like Kizzee, tried to vote and couldn’t. The pandemic, fear, complex processes, missing absentee ballots, uninformed poll workers, technical issues, registration problems and other hurdles disenfranchised a number of Texans.

Numbers released this week by the state demographer show that in this election, some 5.7 million Texans were registered but did not vote. It is unknown how many of them tried but could not....."

kmaz Level 7 Nov 21, 2020
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