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Anyone else here upset about the power Monsanto holds over the government, news outlets, universities, our food, and their unscrupulous ways?

twaseverthus 5 Apr 11

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Yes I absolutely hate Monsanto and now that they are getting together with Bayer it is a global destruction superpower!


I collect my own seeds too. I’m very surprised with the lack of response with this post and the one comment that thinks it’s hype. They aren’t trying to save the world they are about monopolizing our food supply, selling more chemicals, and selling cures for the damage they have created. I would have thought that more people that are skeptical by nature would be upset too. Thanks Bhodichick for your comment!


If there ever was a devil, it is Monsanto. Walmart is a close second.


I'd recommend Myles Powers, on YouTube, who's scientifically qualified neutral approach to the Monsanto "beast" narrative, allows the viewer an alternative and valuable point of view that will add to your considered informed perspective.


Yes! They alter the genetics of crops so they don't make viable seeds. Then the farmers have to buy seed from them every year.

All crops for the last few thousand years have been genetically modified by selective breeding processes. Does it really make any difference if you do it under the microscope or out in a field?

@GilesD I believe that makes no difference. What bothers me is the way Monsanto runs its business. It's trying to have a monopoly on agribusiness. It forces farmers to do business exclusively with them.

@dare2dream interesting. Can you substantiate your argument with some links to relevant info on the Internet?

@dare2dream just wrote as massive reply and lost it all when jumping to youtube to postt a link!!!! Grrrrr.

In summary "evil Monsanto" narrative is popular like the "God" narrative and in both cases, I see no evidence to support those narratives.

@dare2dream the part 2 link is perhaps a better video to watch


No. I think it's hyped. Monsanto does some good things to increase amount and quality of foods,

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