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"First of all, to me this question implies that, while it’s laudable for the religious to wear their beliefs on their sleeves and talk about them in public spaces, when nonbelievers openly share about their own perspectives it’s just wrong and, gosh, why would you take it upon yourself to talk about this stuff in public? What’s wrong with you?"

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Angelface 7 Apr 11

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They are using a double standard. They must be thinking that it's okay for them to express their beliefs because they think what they believe is good but what you believe is bad. They simply misunderstand what atheism is.


This is an excellent article that gets to the core of what's wrong with theism generally and Christianity specifically. It's a failed theory of knowledge (epistemology). It presupposes what's true, and then forbids the consideration of any evidence to the contrary, as well as not requiring any supporting evidence at all. This turns critical thinking into a sin (the sin of doubt) and uncritical, sloppy, deeply flawed and/or magical thinking into a virtue (religious faith).

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