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I'm no fan of Russia, but I respect accomplishments in medicine & scientific research

Would you take Sputnik V?

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barjoe 8 Nov 27

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Like it'll be available to me before millions of others. By the time I have the choice to take it it'll have been out for months and been given to 10's of millions of people. I'll know much more about its safety and effectiveness by that time, so ask me then. 😉

1of5 Level 8 Nov 27, 2020

You're in Washington state, Gam-COVID-Vac, Sputnik V, won't be distributed there. That being said I'm ready to roll my sleeve up right now. That goes for AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine that everybody's crying about, I would take that as well, to give myself immunity.

@barjoe shit, there's a much a chance my neighbors will torch the place storing vaccines as there is of it being distributed. I may live in Washington state, but I live where #freedumb reigns supreme.

@1of5 Are we talking about the same thing? The Russian vaccine is not being distributed in the United States. I mentioned you're from Wash because it's in US. A lot of people are from other counties. What neighbors are going to torch anything? I'm talking about the Russian vaccine.

@barjoe if its not being distributed here why would it matter if I'd take it? BTW, Putin hasn't taken it yet.

My point is that the vaccine won't be available to me until its been available to people that are much higher at risk of contracting it than me and by that time there will be a ton more info about its effectiveness.

As for right this minute if I was offered one it'd be at the expense of someone much higher risk than me, so I wouldn't take it. Yet.


I also respect all scientific accomplishments, regardless of their tribal origins. Russia is also fundamentally no different than the US. The people may have different cultural norms, but as an imperialist power, they have behaved very similarly since the 1940s. And obviously still do.

So yes, i would trust Russia as much as i would trust the US. LOL

I won't argue with you about that even though I disagree. You don't have to trust Putin or the Russian Federation. It sounds like you don't like the United States either. Sputnik V is rolling out. It's available. The vaccine is similar to the AstraZeneca vaccine in the fact that it's a vector adenovirus type vaccine. It will be fine. I don't trust China, I buy lots of stuff from China.

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