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Everybody knows about the 10 commandments but the 2 stone slabs were never found and if you ask an Israeli archaeologist he will tell you that they don't have any prove of such stories. The stone with 268 laws of the Hammurabi code exist and you can see it at the Louvre but the majority of people don't know about. There is even a law on minimum wage , now people think is an invention of our stupid politicians, and is fix on 20 shekels per month, what's the name of the currency in Israel? Shekel. Half the bible is a a bad copy of Sumerian , Assyrian and Babylonian tales , we still use hours minutes seconds and 360 degrees of Sumerian origin . We should start to put history in the real perspective. The holy book is full of holes !!

Sofocleto 4 Dec 5

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Old and New Testament are both plagiarized and adapted from older texts.

I would like to see evidence for your remark.

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