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Do you think the Pandemic will change the way we shop permanently? Right now the stores aren't really refilling the shelves because so many shoppers order online. So I'm thinking this could be a trend and the decline of the "superstore".

Superstores, Walmart, Target, Lowe's, Home Depot and others have created huge internal malls. Instead of shopping malls with a variety of shops the superstores have a wide variety of departments BUT malls are becoming more obsolete over the last 2 decades, partly do to the superstores and I was pondering that this crisis of in-person shopping might also be the death of the superstore.

I know with my order online and no contact pick-up, it has spoiled me and I won't go back to in-store shopping unless I have to.

What do you think?

Is in-person shopping on its way out?

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Leelu 6 Dec 9

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it already has


Walmart will still be around, and they started walmart+.

@Thirst2learn I hope so but I doubt it

Closing two stores doesn't mean their going under.

@xenoview its a start they fuck employees hard


If. you've ever seen Chinese people on TV walking around China for the last few years maybe 8 yrs? They all wear masks all the time. If that don't kill you beware of the neighbors.
I pretty much shop online. The downside are a few things: 1) sizes that are too small. 2) People don't always ship what you order and I have to dispute the charges to my card, which in turn they shut off my debit card, leave me with no payments to utitilies etc and I have no cash. 3) I find shopping online so much easier than wandering around Walmart trying to find where the stabil is hidden or some other thing. Wandering around takes so much more time than just ordering online. I had to dispute 3 charges in the last 3 months and had new debit cards issued 3x. This is like a monthly PITA.
Adding to the above: how many things I got that I didn't like or fit that I had to return. What a pain, even if it's free. Probably every 6th item is returned.


Personally, I much prefer to shop in person hence I can see, choose and, hopefully know that I AM getting exactly what I want and that it is, in some way, actually fresh or new rather than someone else's junk.


I will always continue to do a fair amount of in person shopping, esp. for clothing and food, because I want to see in person what I'm buying, as well as the convenience and savings, as long as stores continue to allow in person shopping. With clothing I always want to be able to try things on to be sure they fit. I am skeptical about buying everything online and having to go by photos and info about a product. I want to see and touch things most of the time, unless it's a book, DVD or CD. Those things I don't need to see in person to know what I'm buying. Even with electronics, I want to see things in person before buying them, even if it's just a demo model. I can't believe people are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on buying a car online that they have not seen in person to look at even a demo model.

I don't do impulse buying and most advertising doesn't work on me. I guess I'm just smarter and more skeptical than most.

Hmmm... that was a nice post right up until you patted yourself on the back and denigrated most everyone else.

@Leelu Whatever. Sometimes the truth hurts. Maybe you should join DaisyMaeNot over on the the Online Dating group so you can both bash me for being honest. I'll say what I want. If you don't like it, block me or fuck off..

@TomMcGiverin No, I want people to see your ego just as it is. Forewarned is forearmed.

@Leelu Whatever. Like your words really hurt me. I won't be bullied by the self-appointed gender police.. I won't kiss ass to women on this site to be liked or popular, nor should you do that to be the same with men on here.

@TomMcGiverin 😀

@Leelu DaiseyMae blocked me, but Leelu can't resist the last word.....

@TomMcGiverin Awww... and you're trying so hard too. Kiss-kiss!

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