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Confederate states are backing the Texas Election Lawsuit in Supreme Court...
"The Texas suit gained the backing of other states Wednesday when, led by Missouri, they filed a brief endorsing the Paxton's case. Then on Thursday, Missouri and five other states filed another brief with the Supreme Court this time asking to be allowed to join Texas as litigants in the case.

The case has also gained support from 6 Republican members of Congress who signed onto a brief backing the case.

Union state are backing the four battleground states against the Texas Lawsuit...
Democrat-controlled jurisdictions. Washington, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine led 22 states and territories in filing a brief Thursday against the Texas suit and are backing the briefs filed by the battleground states of -- Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan.

If this is not modern remake of Civil War of 1865, what is it? Are Democrats waking up in Washington DC?

St-Sinner 9 Dec 11

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This just in- SCOTUS rejects lawsuit to overturn election results, more to come later.


Getting time for a guillotine party for treason and sedition.


Limbag said on his radio show that secession was on the horizon. I say, take your share of the national debt and get the fuck out. Most of those states are takers and contribute less federal money than they get.

Get the fuck out? Why? Our thousands of Union soldiers died to teach these bastards a lesson for life. If we allow, they would start the damn slavery again by our borders. Grab every black person at the border and enslave again which will be legal in their nation.

@St-Sinner Too true. We would abandon millions of decent folk.


So much for state's rights! Oh yeah, that's only when you want to justify slavery or prayer in school.


If I were a taxpayer in these states, I would be Screaming!

@PBuck0145 so you think, while jobs are lost, people are dying, cannot pay rent so they will i guess live in their car, until it gets repossessed, and etc that this is a good use of OUR tax dollars?

@PBuck0145 not an answer to my question, in fact a total evasion of it. Which of course is an answer.....

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