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Here is some good news! Supreme court denies Texas motion to overturn election results from swing states. Checkmate should be this Monday Dec 14 2020 when U.S. electoral college gathers to cast final votes for President Biden.


kensmile4u 8 Dec 12

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"Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections." Every state has a "judicially cognizable interest" in every other state's election process when the results are for national elections. Who else is to ensure elections don't run amok? Foreign nations?


He's got Texas suing on his behalf. I'm here in Florida seeing all the pro-Trump signs, and have been listening to Fox News the past few days because my brother is a Trumper.

Trump isn't done yet. I think he will leave the White House, but he's not done trying to control America. He's got enough support to wage havoc for some time. I think the division in our country is going to be with us for years, and I'm not sure we've seen the worst yet. I hate to be pessimistic, but it's not over just because Biden won the election.

I more or less agree with you, however I will not give up trying to defeat the tRump cult.


Trump is like a zombie. He keeps coming back from the dead. They apparently took care of zombies in the movies with several shotgun blasts, hmm.!?!


Have any of the forensic audit results come back in the states in question? Listening to some of the state testimony in WI yesterday it appears that there has not been a final cross check of newly registered voters and ineligible voter lists through the secretary of state as one of the witnesses was calling for this process to occur, for instance people who have moved, died, ineligible to vote. If this is indeed true, the state cannot accept the vote as it is not credible. The final individual to testify at the hearing, a state election employee, was receiving a huge amount of condemnation through the live chat feature. The government allowed all of the testimony and then ends it by presenting someone who says basically everyone had concerns four years ago, they do now too, it's all okay. But obviously it's NOT OKAY. People don't feel it's okay. If it was indeed okay then each concern should have been explained and accoutned for. One of the biggest concerns is the lack of bipartisan oversight. This was constantly repeated over, and over and over and over again. Covid was used to block poll watchers from doing their job. You have to question that process. It's bred mistrust. Bipartisan poll watching is a fundamental cornerstone of free elections. With a useful excuse to disallow it, and no remedy being given in government to rectify the situation, public trust has continued to erode. In depth forensic audits are neccessary, in all the four states in Q and should the results show there is fraud on a scale that would change election results, then electors have a duty to proceed according to true election results. Anything less constitutes results that are not credible.

This was a good election. Trump is trying to discredit it. His peons go around telling lies which FOOLS like you believe. I hope you enjoyed your koolaid.

@creative51 Oh c'mon. All that real Americans want for Christmas is credible, honest election results. Can our leaders deliver? If Biden is the true winner the results will stand after intensive bipartisan forensic audits and any related fraud investigations are conducted.

How many hours of testimony did you view? How does lack of bipartisan oversight constitute a "good election"? How do voting procedures that are in direct violation if states' constitutions create a "good election"?

@Flowerwall If you are that interested in election matters then do research on the certification process which is used for each state you are concerned about. Surely you must know that each state has processes in place to prevent most kinds of fraud and cheating. ALL allegations of fraud have been addressed in dozens of cases through State and Federal court. All have been dismissed for lack of evidence, lack of merit, lack of standing, etc. So at this point Americans do have election results which have been more heavily scrutinized than any other election in history. Where have you been while all of this was going on? The electoral college is convening this Monday 12/14/2020 to officially declare Joe Biden the winner.

@kensmile4u "All have been dismissed for lack of evidence, lack of merit, lack of standing, etc. " Then why are hearings being conducted on "old news" that's been proven through intensive bipartisan investigation to be false? Why? Because it has NOT been. How is someone voting for deceased/ dementia patients considered lack of merit? One of the avenues of the investigation needs to be exactly that-were others voting for disabled/elderly? And if so what constitutes fraud? Where exactly is the line drawn with that? If nusing home staff choose vote, and there is no established criteria it is easy to steer vote according to their personal views. I also find it disturbing that previous calls for government oversight in this regard have gone unheard.

Additionally, rules that are put in place via the handy document known as state constitutions have been overstepped this time around. We have just experienced an election like no other due to covid. With public trust running low government must prove there is some level of diligence and accountability and that this is not a pandemonious free-for-all where the rules get made up as we go along. RESTORE PUBLIC TRUST - AUDIT AND INVESTIGATE.

@Flowerwall Your arguments pointing to individual election violations do not constitute a reason to change the outcome of each states election. Every state may have a dozen or so prosecutions underway for violations during this election. But the processes are in place to have election officials quickly determine if any systemic organized fraud has occurred which which would effect hundreds or thousands of voters. If they had found something like this then they would not be able to certify their election results. Fortunately, nothing has occurred which rises to that level. Unfortunately, Trump has continually made false allegations that these types of violations have occurred. Trump has filed over 50 lawsuits which falsely allege election fraud in the courts. All of them have failed for lack of evidence. You may ask yourself why would Trump do this? One answer is that he has triggered his followers into making over 200 million dollars in donations to support the false litigation. So Trump is profiting from his own election loss. See my attached link for details...


@kensmile4u I understand you have a different opinion than I do. I do not agree with "change the outcome of each states election" if forensic audits and investigations do not point to a need to do so. Repubs that call to do so need to themselves evaluate their own dedication to constirutionally determined procedure. However grave concerns brought about by unconstitutional actions on states' parts and the complete lack of appeopriate bipartisan oversight of election process DEMAND a competent response - anything less is unacceptable.

The fact that there has been NO day in court is highly questionable and not allowing citizens' to feel concerns are being heard and dealt with appropriately. In fact one of the conservative high court justices of WI expressed this idea recently and I couldn't agree more. Wish I could quote.

There are serious concerns brought forth if you listen to this testimony. Our leaders must not sit on their hands and feign an "everything's ok" attitude as they attempted to do at recent hearing in WI. An economist has recently said he used statistucal analysis to determine chance of Biden winning and it is near impossible. Millions of ppl believe the same- government must prove this process has not been corrupted by recent widespread changes that have been made.

@kensmile4u Here is the quote I mentioned above.
Conservative Justice Rebecca Bradley wrote that the court “forsakes its duty” by not determining whether elections officials complied with the law and the inaction will undermine the public’s confidence in elections. Allowing the elections commission to make the law governing elections would be a “death blow to democracy,” she wrote.

“While some will either celebrate or decry the court’s inaction based upon the impact on their preferred candidate, the importance of this case transcends the results of this particular election,” she wrote in a dissent joined by Roggensack and Ziegler. “The majority’s failure to act leaves an indelible stain on our most recent election.”

@Flowerwall Again you have someone making a political statement without reference to a shred of evidence. So please do yourself a favor and spend your time looking for evidence of systemic voter fraud because these politicians are victimizing you. I can see from your persistent arguing over rhetoric that you are obviously suffering from cognitive bias. Good luck adjusting to the new and true reality.


As the Wisconsin Supreme Court held in State v. Conness in 1900, “purity and integrity of elections is a matter of such prime importance and affects so many important interests that the courts ought never to hesitate, when the opportunity is offered, to test them by the strictest legal standards.”

So real Americans must keep asking Qs. Why does the court feel LESS obligated to concepts of "purity and integrity of elections" now then it did 100 years ago? Why does it feel less of a servant of the law/constitution now? What has changed? Do those in power feel a duty no longer exists to even give due consideration to the issues of our day? Maybe it's just utter contempt for the invisible peons who are nothing? NO! THIS IS WRONG!

And kindly don't tell me this too is a political statement in favor of Trump spoken 100 years early on his behalf!!

@Flowerwall Stop it with the legal rhetoric. I already gave you a link to all of the cases and their outcomes. Do you really think that a bipartisan collection of the best legal minds in our nation came to the wrong conclusion? Like Trump, there is nothing justified or dignified in what you are doing at this point. Again, good luck with the adjustment to the new and true reality.

@kensmile4u If the public cannot examine the nuts and bolts of these Dominion machines, and by that I mean the actual software side of it, then it has no place in our voting systems. I don't care how many pages of contract it could add 1,000 more and it's still NO GOOD. It's like having a single person working on ballots in a private area with no oversight. It is not part of a free, fair and impartial process. Every time qs come up the answer is "propietary software" so the individual biz interests of company are given priority over concerns of what is best and fair for elections. This type of attitude is far different from attitudes in the past with elections where "purity and integrity of elections" was a highest concern. I'm not quite sure why these ideals are easily cast aside by you and why you attempt to assert "there is nothing dignified in what you are doing". It appears you feel the concerns of millions should be swept under the rug and silenced, and that voicing any opinion contrary to your own somehow disqualifies the other of something crucial, because you cannot accept other's pov. That is a problem you are having, not me. My words and opinions are valid. The court owes it to ppl to hear out concerns. That is the bottom line.


Even his hand picked SCOTUS plants aren't willing to burn down democracy just yet just to appease the ego of their marmalade messiah. It's become an all too rare demonstration of integrity among the utterly corrupt Repubs.


Monday electoral college should meet. It should be over. Should.

Dude!!! Careful with the jinxing!
I'm pretty sure it'll never be over...
Fucking shit is endless and eternal!!!

It will never be over as long as Trump is able to access his Twitter account and millions of Americans (with political power or not) continue to follow this traitor.

@JazznBlues I'm atheist. I don't believe in jinxes.

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