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I made this very simple. Not trying to influence the results. Just curious.

How would you describe your beliefs?

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barjoe 8 Dec 20

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Good poll. Seems you've made the distinction I'd like to see. Not that the Briebart System applies to me, being an agnostic apatheist.

I did get the idea from you, I hope you don't think I stole it. I just go for the KISS method.

@barjoe Completely different idea though. I was basically asking agnostics if they'd prefer not being called atheists as postulated by Dawkins and Brietbart.

The last response was a gnostic atheist disqualifier, knowing they'd have to respond even though it didn't apply to them.


I prefer not using "belief". I know some things but that does not, in my opinion, quality me for theist, yet, it would disqualify me from atheist.

Word Level 7 Dec 20, 2020

If I had said disbelief, I'd be leading people on. In my case "disbelief" is more accurate.


I am an agnostic but leading the way to be an atheist somehow on some certain circumstances 🙂


Best I can figure, Atheist, Agnostic, and Theist are most often referring to various levels of belief in literal God persons, and I'm not a religious literalist, so I don't feel at home in any of those categories.

I believe that gods are personifications of things/forces/systems that do exist in the natural world ( for example: God = Universe ) so I guess that makes me a religious figuratist, and probably a pantheist.

I do believe the universe exists, and I do believe figures of speech, such as personification, exist, and are useful. So some might call me a theist.

I don't think we can really know anything for certain, so some might call me an agnostic.

And I see no evidence whatsoever that a literal man-in-the-sky-who-created-everything exists, so some would call me an atheist.

But I consider myself to be devoutly religious, so call me what you will. I'll call me a human.

skado Level 9 Dec 20, 2020

Anti-theist so far as religion is concerned atheist in relation to gods and the supernatural.

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