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HCH! Happy CosmoTerrian Holidays!
Ederevolving with Love. New version to: Can't help falling in love, written by George David Weiss, Luigi Creatore & Hugo Peretti, interpreted by Elvis Presley, track 5 of the album Blue Hawaii, 61. (
Some folks say: Future starts today,
But it is better said: Future has started yesterday.
And today is for adding something good,
For CosmoTerra is a finite dream of : "Should...?"
Atoms, Planets, Stars,
All are moving here.
Matter learns to see
And to care.
In a World of small-big, full-void gods,
We become wise, ederevolving with Love.
Bio, less toxic food for holidays thought by Nirety, Photo by siarpi

tipi 7 Dec 24

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Well that was truly, something that happened.

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