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Hi, fellow agnotics and others!

I am a budding crotchety old man, newly retired from 40-something years in oil, gas, and petrochemical industry operations, retired early because of a hearing problem. My brain still functions though, I think. 😀

I grew up going to church every time there was church, even every Baptist revival in town. It failed to indoctrinate me. I was bored to death. I even joined the choir as a teenager just so I could look out and see who else didn't bow their heads during prayers.

I live in Oklahoma, am soon moving to a very small and quiet town in Kansas, but I left my heart in Colorado almost 30 years ago. If I could afford it, and my wife would capitulate, I would move back there in a heartbeat. I love the dry climate and the mountains. And I love winter weather and the sports that come with it.

Dingfod 4 Apr 13

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Each of us has a unique story, yet someone here probably has a similar one. I can see a few parallels in your story and mine. I hope we've finally grown up but continue to grow. Glad to have you as part of this inclusive club.


Home is where you heart is at peace with oneself.
If Colorado is your peace why not venture there and find out how it has changed over the years and see if youre at peace there

Rosh Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

Hello, and welcome. I have fond memories of Colorado when I was a kid.

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