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Gainsay the peremptory pejorative prerogative of thesauri to misconstrue agnosticism.

What is an acceptable synonym for agnostic?

waitingforgodo 6 Jan 22

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Every Atheist is a scientist having examined evidence for alleged gawds concluding that is all gibberish from the religious.... YOU ARE THE ONLY AUTHORITY upon Agnosticism and embrace the infallible logic of Atheism


When will you begin to respect Atheists and Agnostics abandon your dictionary and Roget Thesaurus fetishes ?


Irrational infantile when applied to @WAITINGFORgodoT letting xians misdefine Atheism And Agnosticism


Why isn't "agnostic" acceptable, exactly?


maybe getting a handle on what was meant by Gnostic would provide a good working def


I will quote a old, trite aphorism: If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

I did not realize that thesauri gave opinions of words/misconstrued their synonyms or could be peremptory.

Finding an "acceptable" synonym sounds like an attempt to sugarcoat being an agnostic or to make being an agnostic politically correct.

If one cannot buck the system in regards to a word, perhaps one should remain a part of the system.




Sceptic. Pitfall traps for donkeys. There is a lot.


Gainsay what???

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