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As many as 77 federal judges announce they are leaving allowing Biden to appoint their replacements with moderate or progressive judges in place.

However, this opportunity for Biden to change the conservative bias in the federal judiciary comes nowhere close to what Trump did.

"According to data, Trump has been one of the most prolific presidents in the modern era when it comes to judicial confirmations, filling the federal benches with young, conservative judges at a rapid clip.

In four years, Trump successfully appointed 226 judges to the federal bench, including three Supreme Court justices, 54 appeals court judges and 174 district court judges, according to the Pew Research Center." Read more... []

St-Sinner 9 Feb 9

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Trump appointed good constitutional conservative judges unlike the Democrats who appointed leftist idiots like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomeyer, and Elena Kegan who could care less about the constitution and prefer to govern from the bench.

Did you go to Capitol Riots?

@St-Sinner No why do you ask?


I didn't see you in the videos presented at the Senate impeachmemt today. Where were you?


The three SCOTUS justices nominated by Trump all decided cases differentlly than Trump would have decided them. Some of these lower court judges willl do the same.

You are right. The previous Confederalists and now Conservatives are more than half way through in their massive effort to refight and win the 1865 war through radicalization, misinformation by winning all levers of power... from school boards to the court system to Congress to Supreme Court. Now it is reported that the radicalization has spread through the armed forces.


I am thankful for the resignations and hope the new appointees will be young and healthy.


many of the judges were unqualified for the positions and maybe some of them that are quitting find themselves in over their heads


Yes. President tRump and especially McConnell have been diligently (relentlessly?) working to push the Federal judiciary to the right. But fortunately President tRump was a one term President (March 4 QAnon not withstanding😋) and they were limited by time in the damage they could do.

President Obama appointed 320 justices (given 8 years) and even one term President Carter appointed 261.

Many of them unqualified

@whiskywoman Ha, ha. I guess.🙂 You have to play with the cards you were dealt.

Years ago my attorney brother almost enlisted as a low level judge in Phoenix because the courts there were so overwhelmed. They were even taking laymen for the simple cut-and-dried cases -- anything to work through the backlog.
He skipped it because he didn't want the self imposed pressure.😋


I read in the same article above that many Clinton appointed judges are resigning to move up positions to reduce their workload.

In this highly litigating society, high workload is very common and judges themselves don't feel as comfortable and authority as we think they are from the outside.


Why/what makes you think Biden will appoint "conservative" judges?

I am not saying that. I am saying that it will be hard to tilt the conservative bias after Trump and McConnell appointed so many young and conservative judges. The story is about the numbers on each side.

@St-Sinner that makes more sense, thanks.

@St-Sinner Democrats have always disappointed me when their appointments do not consider physical longevity when they make an appointment.


I agree with you. Trump and McConnell and even Bush W appointed very young conservatives all over. The Democrats have been been playing nice in politics while knowing well that it is a dirty game. That allows people like McConnell, Trump, Cruz and Hawley get ahead and beat us down. I want my general to win the battles and win the war. That's why we choose them. We don't want them to play nice with the enemy.

@Lorajay ooookkkaaayyy, how many have died in office over, say, the last 20 years? Or gone senile, other than Reagan? Seems like a Huge non-issue!

@AnneWimsey it's a big issue to me when I look at all of the Republican Supreme Court judges who are appointed in their forties and early fifties by the Republicans while Democrats appointed people in their late fifties and above some of which also had chronic diseases. Yes the Democratic appointments were outstanding regarding their qualifications and political leanings but that is irrelevant if they don't stay in office long enough. For example Clarence Thomas was in his early forties.


@Lorajay so, Ruth Bader Ginsberg should have never been allowed on the Supreme Court?

@AnneWimsey RBG was a very healthy 60 when she was appointed. She served 27 years. I frankly wish she had resigned during the Obama presidency. She was a brave and determined woman that overcame great odds.

I wish Carter had had a vacancy and could have appointed her to the Supreme Court instead of the lower level federal court he appointed her to.

@Lorajay but doyou not see the Ageism @St-Sinner is pushing?


But it is a real issue. Politics is not a career. You do not need to be in Congress at 77, 88 and after 20, 30 and 40 years. They must vacate seats and allow young people to come in.

@St-Sinner poorly-educated, easily-led young that Marjorie gal?l. Alrighty then!


Like AOC and Marjorie

@St-Sinner you equate them? How so?


At least 10 commonalities, there are more

  1. Young
  2. Radical
  3. Shooting from the hip
  4. Inexperienced
  5. Not have feet on the ground, live in la la lands
  6. Chided by the leadership
  7. Still adored by voters
  8. From far left and far right safe constituencies
  9. Both attacked hard by opposition
  10. Both are polarizers, will never unite people

@St-Sinner ummmm, one is a thoughtful person with a good heart, the other is a loon within the meaning of the word. Get a grip! You couldn't even write the above without wincing


In politics, there is no such thing as a good heart. It is a game, it is pretending, it is visuals. Being compassionate, kind, caring are all projections and image creating. We do not know what politicians really are and what they really do behind the public life.

What we don't get it is we think our side is a good heart and all good things. Their side thinks we are baby killers and godless. They think both are very bad things while we think it is progressive thinking. What we think here is not necessarily good things.

@St-Sinner wow, if that is what you believe i feel VERY sorry for you! Jimmy Carter springsimmediately to mind,also Ruth Bader coffee yet,I suspect I could name a few more finally awake.


I am trying to tell that being good does not matter in politics. Perceptions, games, visuals matter. Look at the Senate Impeachment trial this week. Who is on the right side and what is the foregone conclusion? What does that tell you? Good wins?

Jimmy Carter lost in a landslide against Reagan. Being good means very little in politics.

A very close friend of the French President Charles de Gaulle called him and said... "Charles, I need a favor. We are friends, we go back many years." Charles de Gaulle said... "There are no friends in politics, there are only alliances."

Friends, being good, righteous, high road mean very little in politics. Therefore, we must get off our high horse and begin thinking pragmatically.

I am awake. I go to bed at 6.30 pm and wake up at 3 am. I had a good tea and breakfast already.

@St-Sinner i didn't say being a good person will always help in Any area of life! I am merely refuting your contention that there are no good people in you equate "winning" to being good? Even sadder & scarier than i first thought! (And something drump would say, it was his Only criteria)


Yes, in politics winning is everything.

@St-Sinner no a Good politician cares about advancing his/her agenda. If they have luck,& some charisma,they may win, but pushing something you care about to create big changes even if you do not win is what motivates the Good ones! Like $15/hr & Medicare For All.......


If that was true, Bernie Sanders would be talking about $15 minimum wage and giving freebies while being a Senator from Mississippi. He would not see another term for life and therefore, he would stop all that rubbish. But he is from a far left constituency in Vermont.

Every elected official talks and acts according to if that will get him or her elected again. There are a very few exceptions.

You know what stands up for he believes in and often goes against what his party or constituency wants? It is not Bernie. It is people like Joe Manchin, Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse. John McCain was like that too. You have an obsessive compulsion about Bernie Sanders. Snap out of it.

@St-Sinner where did i mention Bernie? Your weirdo obbession's coming out again. And BTW Vermonters are considered Very conservative in most areas, and also admired for their common sense.

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