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So here's the situation as it currently stands. My phone has me as over a level 7 member, YET on my laptop my level is at a 5.3. Whenever I would login on my laptop, you had at one point a login using facebook password (I don't know what happened to that as it is no longer applicable as a login). That being said, the only password I remember creating is the one that takes me to my laptop level of 5.3. Is there anyway this an be corrected and my levels match (my laptop matches my phone)?

VAH1979 5 Feb 15

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I don't get why it matters 8 does take forever lol


You're a level 5. You have 23 posts and 23 comments. It takes a while to get to a 7. You need 50K to get to an 8. It takes four times that long to get to a 9. I don't think about it. I joined a few years ago and just forgot about the site until the pandemic about a year ago. I've been pretty active since. Like minded people on here have helped me to get through this.

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