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The best time to buy Bitcoin was 8+ years ago. The second best time to buy #bitcoin  is now.

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mike1199 3 Feb 18

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It’s too risky for me. There is never a reason not to expect it to crash right this second.


Seems high to invest now. might be worth to wait a bit. Long term investment.

ffjs Level 1 Feb 21, 2021

I invest only in my education.


It proved very successful back when the price for one share was under 30K. You can join a bunch of other people buying a piece of it and if you have 30k under your mattress buy because we are a major overhaul of our life. Crypto coins and self driving cars are the future.

only a few of us dumbwits get it 😉 don't know why though...even when you show the debt of usa is unmanageable and the printing of trillions of dollars will have a huge effect, they still think the FED knows what they are doing..blind faith I call it... just as religious people are....

wake up folks...blockchain is the future ..inflatiion is already happening you just don't see it yet in the manipulated figures....look to the bonds..look the housing market look to the stock market....

BTC is maturing into a asset and is a safe heaven against inflation....a big overhaul is due.
follow the money...its pouring into BTC by multiple institutions.. its not retail anymore

just realize 900 btc per day is mined , 45.million us dollars is flowing every day into BTC at it 's current level of 50000 usd, thats +- 1,5 billion per month
At the end of the year its predicited to be at least 3x more ....

just giving my best advise....

@luckytobealive Tax the fuck out of the 1%. The stock market from my perspective has been gang banged by Robinhood new traders. I think they go in the chat room and explode a stupid stock like Gamestop and all other prices fall to hell. That's just my take on it. I think they gang buy and sell.

The housing market where I am SUCKS, all houses are contingent before being put on, there are bidding wars, there are agents telling buyers to call with their best offer and they'll decide at midnight who gets the house. People buy houses UNSEEN online. All that's left is land or houses in really bad shape.

HOW do you mine BTC?? I never heard of this.

@K9Kohle789 its all because of misinformation! The US government is buying up the stocks not the liittle robin hood traders ,thats just FUD. They print the trillion dollars to make it look the economy is doing fine ITS NOT, They actually want bigger inflation to reduce the unmanageable debt!

mining is only for big companies forget about mining yourself at least that's my view,, investing in mining rigs they get obsolete in no time...because of the ever increasing hash rate and then the building costs, electricity charges. Just buy btc dollar averaging..every month again a bit ten years time it will make a huge profit ...unlike the 20-25% minimum inflation if not worse that's guaranteed by the us government


I wouldn't know

Word Level 8 Feb 18, 2021


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