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How many of you have seen Disney's Tangled? For those of you who have, Gothel is an amazing villain. She uses no magic, has no superpowers. She's just really, really super intelligent and charismatic.

Has anyone else noticed that Mother Gothel was just the ultimate passive-aggressive? Her every line was just one long series of passive-aggressive insults to Rapunzel. Even her "I love you very much" seemed so passive-aggressive.

And when passive-aggression didn't work, she moved on to just straight up aggression, but it had worked for so long that she was genuinely shocked when it didn't work. The first time Rapunzel truly said "no" to her, the shock on her face was immediately evident.

She was so used to being in control of everything that the idea that she could have lost control was more than she was ready to face. She admittedly went overboard, sort of an overcompensation, but as maniacal as she became, she still showed how intelligent she was.

It wasn't stupidity that doomed her. It was arrogance. She believed she had won and allowed Rapunzel to heal Flynn, not taking into account the potential acts of a dying, desperate man in love, probably because the only person she had ever loved entirely without reservation or condition was herself, so she had no reference for what someone who was in love could do to express that love.

To me, it was an incredible show of how true love really does conquer all, and it was shown in a less over the top way than in most Disney movies.

ErichZannIII 7 Nov 29

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