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Or allah for that matter!

Basem 7 Apr 1

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I've always wondered why someone that was so great needed to be told they were great and also worshiped. Insecurity makes no sense for someone that supposedly created the world.

you are absolutely right, god and all religions are no more than horse shit!


One of the reasons at age 8-ish i started to think it was a bad deal!


Fortunately the U.S. Constitution forbids Cruel or Unusual punishment, so if one is in the U.S. this is not allowed...... until one dies.


I became an atheist because I didn't want to go to heaven. What a choice eternal suffering either way. Having to live by yahweh's rules, worshiping forever. No thanks. My idea of heaven is what I experienced while using LSD, not religion's.


I'd rather burn in hell! Hail Satan!

hail satan \,,/

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