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Sure there are lots of ridiculous and questionable beliefs and theories. Which one is the easiest to argue AGAINST? And why.

Questionable beliefs

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lerlo 8 Apr 2

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If I were to tackle these in order of easiest to hardist, i'de say this:

1.) Religion

2.) US election

3.) Monarchy

4.) UFOs

I list UFOs as the 4th since I don't like how the otherwise inoccuous term has become a sort of catch all for all things alien. Imagine an air traffic controler telling a pilot to look out for an unidentified flying object . . .

They could mean a drone, but ide be looking for a flying saucer lol.


Where is the answer choice, "all of the above" ?

mzee Level 7 Apr 3, 2021

I don't see it


I would argue there are millions of cases of 🛸 ufo’s...

But zero evidence of alien beings...


I feel like the final one is worded incorrectly.

I actually thought that myself when I wrote it. Then I decided it was kind of a toss-up question. I've even considered changing it while replying to this. But since the facts seem to show that they are I'm leaving it, because if someone disagrees it would be easy to argue against.


I believe that you owe me a thousand dollars. Arguments against will be be properly debated.


I think if you are going to win an argument on any of them it would depend on who you're arguing with. With that in mind I choose to argue against the statement that the British monarchy is racist. As long as I am arguing with an American Patriot there is no way I wouldn't win.


Out of the 4, I chose UFO .

No one worships these little green people and there is no incentive to find them .

The odds of interacting with them are so low that you might as well treat them like they never existed.

Some here would tend to disagree 🤪

What do UFOs have to do with little green men?

There's an upcoming UFO report to be released. Doubt it will detail where these craft come from.

@Fletch I think by definition UFO's would have unidentifiable origins.


One and three are almost tied. There has been no evidence presented for either.

And it tends to be the same people who believe both

@redhog It makes sense. If you grow up taking impossible things on faith, believing much more plausible lies from those who supposedly have your best interests at heart is easy.


UFOs could be anything its just not identified. Aliens on the other hand are almost a certainty to exist somewhere.

Tejas Level 7 Apr 2, 2021

any basis for the alien comment?

@lerlo with what it takes for life as we know it to come to be, water and sunlight mostly. The amount of plantets in the cosmos with those criteria are so high just by chance alone there must be life somewhere. That's not just me making assumptions, its a theory that some reputable astrophysicists hold.

@lerlo plus alien life could be microbes. It's still life. And there's a good chance some of that microbial alien life exists in our own solar system.

@redhog yep nothing like going on and on about a topic other than the post. Went from aliens to now possible life, which of course could be microbes and I'm sure there are clowns somewhere else in the universe.

@lerlo don't pose a question if you don't want an answer

@lerlo idk about that but there is definitely a clown in the comments

@redhog okay show me anywhere in the question where it talks about life in the universe.

@lerlo aliens. Perhaps you should look at yourself and consider the word "toxicity"

@redhog maybe reading is a problem find the word aliens in the post

@lerlo nope. I'm just going to block you for being a toxicity source.


Religion, because of the total absence of any falsifiable evidence to support the claims thereof.

True but the same applies to the election lol

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