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Given the mounting evidence of police involvement in the terrorist attack of January 6th:

Do you believe American policing has been compromised by the white power domestic terror movement?

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domos 6 Apr 25

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Yeah they are


You really only need to say:

STOP watching FoxNews if you don't believe racism is prevalent in the Police State called "America."

This is way more serious than simply not watching Fox News.

We are talking about a literal coup attempt... With the assistance of active and retired law enforcement / military personnel.

Fall intention and purposes, Fox News became a propaganda arm of a terrorist movement.

Our institutions are slowly starting to doubt the loyalty of domestic security forces.

We are in deep s***.

@domos My response was sarcasm. I've been away from this site for awhile. I forget that sometimes one must #sarcasm


(PS: This country has been in deep shit since it's conception.)

@SeaGreenEyez Sorry I missed the sarcasm. Indeed it has.

I think a lot more adults are starting to feel aggrieved about the white washing of their education.

Like how the Constitution was not acknowledged as a compromise with slave owners... And even that was not enough to avoid off a civil war for dominance.

There is no middle ground with these people... Just oppression or censorship and compliance for the rest of us

@SeaGreenEyez Yes it has. As usual in this country it has all been about the "marketing" of America.


I would like to hear the thoughts of whoever voted no

domos Level 6 Apr 26, 2021

It's great to see a poll that's straight yes and no.

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