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While in high school, I worked in my dad’s store. One of my jobs included computing the prices customers would pay. I added 25% to the case price, divided by the number of items in and rounded up to the next penny.

When corporations are taxed, do they raise the prices they charge their customers?

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yvilletom 8 Apr 29

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Less so if you tax them on their net income rather than their gross income.


Ohferpetessake! How much can they raise their prices? Is there any product anywhere that doesn't have rival vendors? I would seek one of them out!

The local mom and pop shop pays more than Walmart, so there is a profit point where one can hold their current price and take the loss and the other let’s go of its employees and closes.


They charge whatever they need to make a profit, as well they should. The real question is: When corporate taxes were lowered, did they give everybody a discount?

That would be a Hard No!

Ask not did they give everybody a discount. Ask instead did they lower their prices.

When a competitor does, “they” do.

@yvilletom Exactly. Yes that better put.

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