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Poll: If the 2024 Presidential Election were held today, and the two major party candidates were Biden and Liz Cheney, for whom would you vote?

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kmaz 7 May 6

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poll results on this site are not super-meaningful, but also, over the years, I have blocked several folks who might in the end have responded that they would vote for Cheney, so that is perhaps worth noting.

kmaz Level 7 May 6, 2021

Liz Cheney is more ethical than most Republicans, but she's still a Republican. All Republicans are fucked up. She's Dick Cheney's daughter for goodness sake.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, looking here, on the issues, there's little here I could agree with, so I will have to change my own reply to my own poll.


With that said, the battle that she (and Romney and a few others) are fighting, on this matter of the integrity of the vote, is a worthy one. How often is it that we have seen a Republican stand up to the extraordinary and blatantly dishonorable commitment to un-reality that so many Republicans have been making by and large? So, even though I would vote against her (heartily), I do want to bring to the attention of the Republican leadership (if that is not an oxymoron for our times) that, in the end, whether they like it or not, her stance on this matter will be popular, and will win votes, for them, even if right now they are temporarily enthralled to a different view. They are really insulting 81 million people who voted against their guy in 2020, and their answer seems to be to strive mightily to end the rule of law in the US, so they can rig the system for evermore. In their warped minds, the end justifies the means, no matter what. That type of thinking did not work out very well, in the end, for some 20th century dictatorships, from what little I know.

@kmaz She is going to be ousted, this time. Sadly.

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