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I dislike dating lists. I get why people have them, but come on one date is not long enough to say "we have different characters and are looking for different things in life".
Well, it's probably better this way, but hey.
I learned some stuff, now to the next one.

bubinf 6 Apr 16

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A short list of "must haves" or "must be" can be helpful as is a short list of deal breakers. But I think most people have lists way too long! Most people seem to be looking for an ideal match. Such idealism is impractical. Maybe being more tolerant or flexible or open to new things/people would be more productive.

“A happy union is not one of perfect partners but the triumph of love over imperfections.” - Unknown

“I believe that the measure of my soul is my capacity to love imperfect people.” ― Joseph Grenny

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