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I am thinking about running for President. My platform would be: term limits for everyone, but me; mine fields 2 miles wide on both borders; no unemployment assistance; no Medicare etc; public executions; work camps for debtors; internment camps for the homeless; no federal funding for education or housing; more to be added. So, if this wasn't satire, do you think I could get 30% of the vote?

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Beowulfsfriend 9 May 12

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You'd have a rabid mass of followers among conservatives and republicans. Only thing missing is that you need to say you're a christian and you will make christianity the official religion of the U.S. at which point there is probably not any atrocity you could commit as president that your followers would not cheer you on for doing.


Probably. You'd just have to run an effective campaign.


I think Donald Trump was basically for all those things. He got elected.

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