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Fully vaccinated?

CDC says go out and don't wear masks in doing all normal pre-pandemic activities.

Are you ready for normalcy and ready to mingle or have apprehensions and will be careful?

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St-Sinner 9 May 13

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It isn't just about my personal safety. Another reason, that is very important to me, to wear a mask, is to continue to remain vigilant, as part of the de facto global team of like-minded people, against the virus.... it is to do whatever possible, within reason, to stop the spread.

kmaz Level 7 May 17, 2021

The NPR had a good interview this morning about CDC swinging from one extreme of requiring all to wear masks indoors and outside just two weeks ago to another now to not requiring masks at all anywhere by vaccinated people... not taking into account un-vaccinated children going to spaces like grocery shops among people who are refusing to be vaccinated.



Until we are safe will wear a mask although I am fully vaccinated

Thanks Doc. I agree.


Besides a mask mandate in my state which is still in effect, I will continue to wear a mask, mostly to encourage the anti-vaxxers to continue wearing their masks (even though they don't.) I'm not ready to take my mask off in places where I've gotten used to it - as we have a fair amount of stink-eye given to non-masked individuals. Gonna take a while to shift gears.

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