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With 2.25 Trillion known Galaxies in the Cosmos, there is nothing special about our so-called God. Believing in yourself, not profiting from your beliefs, helping others is far more admirable and honest. Draining pensioners bank accounts to fill up their private jets by promising gullible people they get ten times more money back if they donate to these snake oil salesmen. These wolves disguised as sheep with bad hairpieces tell you "Reap what you Sow" and to "put money on your credit card instead of paying your rent." I know religion helps many people, and I'm all for whatever works. Still, these mega-churches that cost hundreds of millions and built on the savings of little old pensioners is a disgusting travesty while children starve all over the world.

Tourirst 7 June 1

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I agree with most of what you said, but my question is, who counted and “knows” trillions of galaxies?


Delete two of your postings.


Very good, And please don't ever loose your rage and anger, rather take it and use it to make things happen.

This brings back one of my favorite song lyrics for motivation

"When I channel my hate to productive I don't find it hard to impress"


3 of 3? You hit submit, or it glitched, you know how to delete extra post?

Word Level 8 June 1, 2021

If you know how, please share! I've been wondering about that myself.

@AmyTheBruce you go to your post you want to delete. At the bottom of your original post, before the replies, is like in picture. I put circles around the box that has 3 bars. Click on the 3 bars and you get a menu with one of the options to delete.

@AmyTheBruce if you click the 3 bar box on someone else's post, you do not have the option to delete. It must be your post.

@Word Thank you! That may be very helpful information one day.

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