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Greetings from Cañon City, Colorado. The mule deer is right in front of my niece’s house. Other two photos are at Royal Gorge Park. Last year, I walked that bridge and ziplined the gorge.

MsKathleen 7 June 10

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That's just 35 miles from my home.

Salida? Pueblo? Colorado Springs? We are leaving tomorrow, but I will be back in mid-July for several weeks, so we’ll have to meet up.

@MsKathleen Close to Westcliffe. I had just joined on here a couple of years ago and was invited to the get-together with Ms. Nightshades (Mary) and you and Glenn and Captn Ron. I had just met someone from one of those date sites and couldn't make it to that party. She turned out to be a wino-flop out and I sent her back to Texass. I'm sorry I missed that party. I saw the photos you posted from it.

@gemini1947 I miss Mary. Sorry you missed the party. There are still some here that were there. Maybe we should try to get a Colorado Party going in early August. @Glennlab, you planning to travel this summer? @RobertNappi2 could you host?

@MsKathleen She told me she was working at a coffee shop in Westcliffe. I tried to find her there a few times but by the time I figured out that I was looking at the wrong coffee shop she was already gone. I don't know whatever happened to her. Do you ever hear from her? I think she made some awesome baked goodies.

@MsKathleen I have my son's wedding reception Aug 28, (he got married duiring covid) So I'm availble to travel anytime other than 8/26-8/30
I think I still have Mary's phone number, if I can find it, I'll geve her a call to see if she's available.

@glennlab @MsKathleen - I am on oxygen all the time now and don't get out very far from home for very long anymore but would like to try and meet with y'all if something does get set up.

@glennlab GREAT idea! I have to be in Wisconsin by mid -August, so your timeline works for me.


My great-grandmother was born in Canon City in 1879!

Was she a member of the KKK? Their “world headquarters” used to be here.

@MsKathleen She left when still a small girl! Still, my ancestors weren't too much on joining anything.

@Gwendolyn2018 Well, there are also the Christian Scientists. And of course, the MANY Republicans...several of whom tried to run me over with their vehicles when I carried a Bernie sign there in 2015.

@MsKathleen It's hard to know what was going on about 150 years ago!

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