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King Gesar was born in Axu Grassland(belonging to the Gesar of Ling, Dege County, Ganzi Prefecture, named "Jueri". King Gesar had a poor family since he was a child and made a living by grazing. Due to the sowing discord from his uncle, the mother and son lead a wandering life and depended on each other for survival. Gesar was ambitious when he was a child, but there are always people who don’t want him to be good.

At that time, the leader of their area was Jueri's uncle Chao Tong. His uncle represents the matrilineal side. In ancient times, the matrilineal could not be the king of a place, the king must be the paternal line. However, his uncle could manipulate the fate of the tribe when the patrilineal party did not really become the king, so his uncle suppressed the young Gesar in every possible way. In the end, King Gesar, with his extraordinary martial arts and intelligence, defeated his uncle and won the throne, leading his tribe to overcome various disasters, such as floods, snowstorms, and droughts that had not been encountered in a century. During this period, King Gesar also won several key battles, such as the Menling War, Huoling War and Jiangling War, and developed the borders.

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