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Religious Freedom means that you can practice any religion you want, or none at all. It doesn't mean you can use YOUR beliefs to dictate what others can and cannot do. Your religion guides you, not all of us.

barjoe 9 July 2

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Tell that to the U.S. government which is the secret religion of the Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshippers since their freedom from England July 4th, 1776.

Word Level 8 July 2, 2021

It means whatever The SCOTUS says it means. They are maneuvering us into a Christian nation so I expect they'll say it means that Biblical law has dominance.


For me , religious freedom means a world free of religions. Of course, my definition may be specific to me. But yes, too many religious people think religious freedom means they are free to impose their religion on others. Wrong.

I can only hope to have my world be free from religion

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