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Carter is, I would say, the most sincere and honest US president in my lifetime. Perhaps it was the times, had good politicians in Australia back around then too: Gough Whitlam, Don Dunstan (SA).
Anyway, 75 years of marriage is rather impressive, so sincere congrats from this human anyway to Mr and Mrs Carter.

PS Do check out the photo, in the article. They look tiny.

powder 8 July 5

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Yes, Carter is a good man. Gough was removed because London and Washington decided Australia was too important an ass kissing bitch in the Asia Pacific religion, er, I mean good ally, to risk with a leader who actually wanted to pursue an independent foreign policy and path of development. The Australian Labor (Loser) Party got the message. Sure won't happen again.


Gough Whitlam was railroaded out of office by a Governor General (who shouldn't even have any authority) and the Liberal Party. Australia wouldn't have health care without Whitlam. That was a bloodless coup. Disgraceful.

Oh, it was more than just them. They were just the henchmen.

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