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A new campaign has begun to bring Atheist Republic's leadership back to Twitter and to contest their incorrect suspensions. Atheist Republic's founder, Armin Navabi, current CEO Susanna McIntyre, and a longtime moderator Johanna Browne were all fully suspended from Twitter after being the target of mass-reporting campaigns by Hindu nationalists. This harassment began in September 2020 due to blasphemy against the Hindu Goddess Kali as a deliberate protest against blasphemy laws. By maintaining these accounts' suspensions, Twitter is effectively enforcing blasphemy law, as none of the content listed in the suspensions violates any policies. Twitter is validating the attitudes of the homophobic religious fundamentalists who targeted our organization. We, the supporters of Atheist Republic, are seeking a full reinstatement of all accounts.
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LenHazell53 9 July 8

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