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“breaking news: in a complete reversal of previously understood science, it turns out clever dank memes are not, repeat not, a foolproof prophylactic against viruses.” ~ jim wright on fb

MsKathleen 8 July 23

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I see he actually though he was paying for an education.


PS. Are dank memes wet when they come of the press, or do you have to soak them ?


I really don't care. do you? I just feel sorry for all the medical recourses that were used attempting to keep this pos alive.


Well, the virus did cure all his other problems.

There IS that.


Is there a Darwin karma

bobwjr Level 10 July 24, 2021

The wages of sin is death.

The price of ignorance is death.


Who's going to pay his hospital bill? And does he have a life insurance policy that covers suicide?


Natural selection at work. Bye, Republican idiots!

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