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Does anyone else get really annoyed when people who have statuses like "it's wine o'clock" " getting hammered tonight" " can't wait to get sloshed with the boys/girls this weekend" " I know it's (insert day of week) but I really need a drink ".... But then really slags of and hates those with substance addictions ?

Simon1 7 Apr 19

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As a mental health nurse, my colleagues would often let off steam (tough job) by drinking. When I went into academia, I expected it to be different. Its not. Brits drink. Every celebration is greeted with tons of booze, we 'wet babies'heads' with a drink and drink to send our dearly departed on their way. I really don't know anyone who would be unkind about someone with substance issues, but there again a lot of people with MH problems have comorbid substance issues. I always challenge hypocrisy when I see it...either that n block em 😉

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