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Hi everyone. Been bopping around on the site for a couple weeks. Although I'm not very active - not many posts, etc. - it appears that I have 41 "fans". So in the spirit of reciprocity, I tried to go to some of the profiles of these people and perhaps be a "fan" of theirs. I'm unable to do this for some reason. Am I not seeing the button? Is it maybe because I don't have enough points yet? Any comments or suggestions appreciated. ?

42Belvedere 4 Apr 19

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You will see I "liked" your post.You can follow anyone you like.

Coldo Level 8 Apr 20, 2018

I don't want to grow up either....highly over-rated. Looking forward to following you.


Hi there


If you want to be someone's fan, just "like" one of their posts or comments. Anyone who has liked a comment of yours is considered to be your "fan" as well. Then there are those who choose to "follow" you, which shows on their own profile as "favorites" and if you "follow" someone, to see when they might post next, if ever, they are listed in your "favorites". That's what I've observed anyway, with my somewhat new presence here.

Thanks so much. Very well explained.


now click on your fans link again and you will see my name because I LIKED this post.


There's no button for that.
That's based on "likes" to your comments and posts.

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