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Happy Holidays

Hutch 7 Apr 20

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You too


Happy 4/20!

Senator Chuck Shumer (D-NY) announced that he will be introducing a bill to legalize Cannabis on the Federal level today. I hope it goes through. I've been waiting since 1965 for something like this to pass.


I suppose you mean 420 day?


Today is Chinese Language Day and 4/20 and the day humans landed on the moon.
It seems to be all related but it isn't.

I have to correct you on one thing. The first Lunar landing was on 7/20/1969. I remember it because of two things. 1) I was home on leave from being at Parris Island and Camp LeJeune. 2) It was on one of my sisters 12th birthday.

My father did the temperature withstanding tests on all the stuff that went up to the moon. He saw that stuff before the astronauts did.

Unfortunately also the date of the Columbine shooting!

@AncientNight I stand corrected! Yay! This is the way that should look. Thank you.


Slow here, just figured it out


What holiday am I missing?

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