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Sick of politics, Americans devise a new way of choosing government based on luck. Don has a drawer with 14 yellow socks and 1 red sock. Donna has a drawer with 6 yellow socks and 1 blue sock. They randomly rummage in their drawers simultaneously with replacement until someone draws a red or a blue sock at the same time as their opponent draws a yellow sock. The first person to draw their colour when the opponent draws yellow, governs. What is the probability that Don will govern? What is the probability that Donna will govern? What is the probability that America is ungovernable?

Will Don or Donna govern America? You be the judge.

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waitingforgodo 7 Sep 28

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See ? It is rigged !


There is not enough information to give a good answer to your question.

The " Rock paper scissors " robot AI has undermined the tradition of synchronized randomizers.

We need to take these wealthy fashion moguls out of the democratic process. We should choose employees by talent instead of random chance.


All lost socks go to sock heaven, kind of lost on the sock theory. Being more of an anarchist, so government for most part, is a waste of time. Right now, people fear their Government, that's tyranny.
When Government fear their people, I'm in.

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