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This app seems like it is run by a bunch of older people

old people run this app?

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inigomontoya 6 Sep 30

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Older than older, this is old central and I'm pleased to meet you.


Old is a relative term. The sharing of ideas is ageless, isn't it? Many of us include our age in our profiles. We all have something to say, whether from a fresh perspective or a life lessons already learned perspective. I believe there are categories for age groups, if you are wanting to converse with same age folks.

My thinking is that part of why there may be more members of advanced age is that some of us in the older generations were shunned in our youth for not participating in a religion, or came to leaving religion later in life, and feel the need to have a community of similarly ostracized people. The younger generations (thankfully) do not usually have such a stigma attached, as there are more "nones" in the younger generations.

Is there a reason you are questioning the age of the people running the site? I personally do not know the name or age of the administrator/s. Whatever their age, I'm thankful for the site, as it's nice to connect with like minded people, no matter the age.

If I were looking to date or make close age friends, I believe the average age of members likely skews over 50... Or maybe it seems that way because the older folks have more time to spend on the site.

By no means am I knocking older people. I love older people. I do. But at times they irritate me with some of their ways.


If you’re not old, get out.
While you still can.
Or it will make you old too.

skado Level 9 Sep 30, 2021

shit too late

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