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Anybody care about a missing blonde over all the other people who are missing in the country, world? Funny, people are crying over Facebook making money over pushing hate, meanwhile all the networks are making money over a missing blonde and her boyfriend

Do you care about a missing blonde?

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lerlo 8 Oct 6

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Blonde white girl syndrome


I don't know if I care because I didn't know they were missing.


This is a sad and tragic story that the media is using to promote their own ratings and viewership. Of course we respond like sheep, which is sad and tragic itself. We are a world that is bored and inattentive until the next "shock and awe" story comes out to hold our measly attention span. Do I care about a missing blonde? Sure. However, what I'm really concerned about is how in this day and age we still have situations like this occurring? Why in our developed society do we still see women staying with abusive men?

@linxminx I have a theory about your questions. As a prosecutor for 20 years, the only thing I wasn't able to put a dent in was domestic violence. My personal opinion is that people should just be anti-pain and leave that guy. The worst thing that can happen is the next guy will be abusive and you'll have to leave him too. (Yes I'm familiar with all the self esteem arguments/issues) But I had an epiphany a couple years ago when I was out with a woman who ran one of women's shelters here. She was talking about what a nice guy her dad was but he abused her mom. I said to her, not to disparage your dad, but maybe if he could abuse you mom he wasn't a nice guy. The it hit me--we coddle the victims. In addition to any abuse they watched as children, they are never confronted with their "he was a nice guy," "he loves me" and other such ideas in their head. NO, if he can abuse you in any way he's not a nice guy, and he doesn't love you. We need counselors and psychologists to try and stop both the cycle of abuse AND the notion that any abuser has a good side.

@lerlo Our society seems to teach us, and with "us" I mean women in particular, that our value lies in those surrounding us who love us, because it's a representation of who we are. Husbands, children, the home, the family are all intrinsically wound up into a woman's identity. Imperfections within this family unit represent imperfections within the woman herself. Well it's no fun acknowledging one's imperfections, so we default to the "he's not so bad" mentality. Which, of course, is a bunch of lies we tell ourselves, and society (including psychologists/counselors) just helps us feed the lies. In that regard, it keeps the cycle of abuse going.

My question in this situation was why Gabby didn't take the opportunity the police gave her (they ordered them apart for the night) to get away from her boyfriend? The only possible answer that I can give is that she didn't view herself in an abusive situation, or with an abusive boyfriend, so therefore she didn't feel the need to leave. It confounds me how people distort the reality that is right in front of their eyes. But they do.


You forgot option C: Yes I care about the blond AND all the other missing people.....
In my statistics class we would have dubbed your survey to be a “loaded” question....😉

Buck Level 7 Oct 7, 2021

@Buck You're free to post any poll you wish. Not loaded if there are two choices. Notice the 2nd choice is silent about all the other missing people you care about--that would be your option. Just because YOU read the POLL question "Do you care about a missing blonde?" to exclude all other missing people doesn't make it so.

@lerlo you’re the one that only gave two options when people clearly fall into several categories....really fuck off already dumb ass....😉

@lerlo Some fucking poll, more like a big fucking joke!🙃


What missing blond ?

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