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Fox and Carlson can be rebuked for many reasons, but this video asserts accurate and objective viewpoints on inflation and Federal Reserve policy.

PBuck0145 7 Oct 12

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Instead of the govt trying to micromanage every Americans' bank account, Americans need to be scrutinizing the money trail at the top. All the wealthy and powerful who profit off of policies that are bad for the many need to answer to The People. Understanding and questioning the economics and the circle of power/wealth that is ultimately destructive to the middle and working class is imperative to building a more equitable and stronger nation.

I know very, very little on this topic, but as I understand it there is some thought that the Federal Reserve should not exist at all. I think this is more of a fringe idea, but I wouldn't be shocked if it turned out its true or at least going in the right direction.

I also think it's telling that the majority here do not comment much on posts related to current economic issues. It's often ignored as being an issue that has any real relevance.


Except that inflation, right now, is the very least of our worries. I suppose he wants to go back to the gold standard?

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